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Pedro Delguy

Visual Storyteller

With a degree in Film and design from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Digital Filmmaking from New School New York and special studies taken (Script writing with Linda Seger. Acting with Rodolfo Graziano. Directing actors with Augusto Fernandes. Montage with Alexander Barynin)   Pedro has vast experience working in the film industry where he developed an interesting artistic profile where humor, sensitivity, rhythm and aesthetics meet in different doses.

He started working in the production world at 19, walking all the way up while studying. As a director and cinematographer he shot in the USA, many countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe with great results. His work as a director has been awarded in several festivals like CLIO, New York and London. As cinematographer he started shooting as his own DoP but, since 2016, he had also performed for other directors. In 2017 he shot Summer of Hope, a powerful documentary yet to be released. Part of that footage is shown by Red Digital Cinema since it was the first feature shot with the Red Gemini. The documentary was part of the 2018 work in progress at San Sebastián Film Festival.

In 2019 he shot Sangre Yoruba, a documentary about Samba Music hosted by Gloria Estefan for SONY and HBO.

In the last 4 years he shot, as a DOP, more than 50 music videos (Nicky Jam, Pabllo Vitar, Lucid Kid, Duki, Gloria Estefan, etc) and 40 commercials (Delta, Netfilx, Adidas, Sol, Bud Light, Toyota, Jeep, Facebook).

Before learning to shoot moving images, he started learning the art of photography and kept this passion as something personal that he combined with his hunger for adventure around the world. He photographed 27 countries in three continents. Most of those pictures are a story told in one single frame. In 2016 was invited to be one of the artists for THE BOLD BEAUTY PROJECT where his portrait of Kat Magnoli was cured to be exhibited in Art Concept – Art Basel – Art Boca Raton – Art Palm Beach 2017 & 2019 and both Scope Miami & New York.

In 2017, he founded We Are Tigers ( in 2019 he founded Rebel Camera (